Monday, April 18, 2011

The Golden Beetle

Last night I threw on my red dress and headed over to The Golden Beetle in Ballard for dinner with a few friends from my study abroad program a few years ago.

Here's who was there:

Top left: Me and Jarrett in the Latin Quarter of Paris being suuuuper weird (alcohol MIGHT have been involved; top right: Jessica, probably in Rome, up to her old antics, and me, very scared; bottom left: me and Britta in Berlin, fake smiles; bottom right: me and Laura at a Mozart symphony performance in Vienna

And here's what I had for dinner:

Cocktail: Beirut Fizz (Hendrick’s Gin, Rosewater, Cucumber Dry Soda)
First course: Oxbow Farm Carrot Soup – duqqa spice blend, crouton, cream
Second course: (Pictured above) St. Jude’s Albacore Tuna – grilled cucumber, tarator sauce, nut rice pilaf (plus a glass of Marqués de Riscal)
Dessert: Theo’s Chocolate Milk Pudding – fresh breeze milk, chantilly, milk chocolate

EVERYTHING was divine. The Golden Beetle serves organic Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, so a lot of the flavors were warm and sweet and spicy; really interesting! I highly recommend it!

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