Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spilling Hope: The 50 Day Challenge

Starting on Easter Sunday, I entered the Spilling Hope 50 day campaign. My church has challenged people to simplify their lives for 50 days; during that 50 days, people will raise at least a dollar a day as a result of simplifying. That $50 (or more) will go to a fund to help build a well in a small Rwandan town that has no access to running water! The bracelet that I wear will serve as a reminder to live simply; so far, I've been making my coffee at home in the mornings, instead spending $2+ on espresso drinks at cafes. I'm still thinking of other ways I can live more simply: eating-in more often, using the local library, donating items that I don't have use for... there are lots of possibilities!


Moorea Seal said...

that's awesome allie! you should tell us in a month exactly what ways you have chosen to save and how much money. I bet you will feel SO accomplished and so awesome. And it will encourage your readers to try it too!
xo Moorea

Anonymous said...

yay allie! i am so inspired by this campaign also. i love that its not about just giving money, but making a lifestyle change to help others.