Monday, May 23, 2011

Current May Status

Current color:
Coral orange. Such a bright, summery color.

Current playlist: I made this for you. It's so bubblegum.

Current read: Bossypants by Tina Fey. Started it yesterday and it's amazing.

Current drink: Coconut water. Not drinking it currently but I am really craving it.

Current food: Orange slices, c/o of my CSA box!

Current favorite show: "Doctor Who." Series 2, currently.

Current wish list: Warmer weather. Come ON, Seattle!

Current needs: Mani/pedi, most definitely. There's a bad sitch going on.

Current triumphs: Made carrot cake from scratch last night!

Current bane of my existence: Monday morning. Worst day of the week ever.

Current celebrity crush: David Tennant (the Doctor himself!)

Current indulgence: Lots of lounging around this last weekend. Still recovering :)

Current blessing: The ability to create things! Isn't it wonderful?!

Current outfit: Gray J. Crew cardigan, polka dot H&M blouse, GAP jeans, brown boots, Urban Outfitters watch.

Current excitement: Summer. The only thing on my mind :)

Current mood: Dance-poppy. Listen to the mix I made for you and you will too!

Current link: This (Which is a reference to this YouTube oldie)


Lana said...

Is that leprachaun thing for real? Please say it's a skit?!

Allie said...

That is real. America is so strange.

Lana said...

but so great!