Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moss and Roy

Chris O'Dowd and Richard Aoyade play Roy and Moss on the British TV show "The IT Crowd," about an IT department in a big company. They're handsome, funny, brilliant gents, but on the show, they play inept computer nerds.

If you appreciate silly British humor, then you should watch "The IT Crowd" (All four seasons are on Instant Netflix!).

Bonus: It also has TWO MORE of my favorite British funny men costarring:
Noel Fielding as creepy coworker Richmond (of "The Mighty Boosh") and Matt Berry as the randy boss Douglas (watch him in this amazing spoof on 70s Jesus musicals, which also features Richard Aoyade and Noel Fielding).


Maryann said...

And apparently a 5th series (season) has been commissioned!!!!

Lana said...

have you ever seen Being Human?
Well here's a 'funfact', Aidan Turner (Mitchell) and Chris O'Dowd started off on the same Irish drama called The Clinic!