Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current June Status

Current guilty pleasure:
Creepin' cute boys on Facebook :)

Current color:

Current playlist: The Empire Records soundtrack

Current read: Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. Any foodie would love it.

Current drink: Refreshing cocktails (especially involving cucumber!)

Current food: Blueberry bread

Current favorite show: Still "Doctor Who," although now I'm in between series 4 and 5

Current wish list:
A bed that I can take a nap in (sooo tired)

Current needs:
A facial, time set aside to paint, less boring ways to wear my hair...

Current triumphs:
Working on my professional website... woohoo!

Current bane of my existence: Summertime allergies

Current celebrity crush: Adam Scott

Current indulgence: Spending bucks on nice beauty products

Current blessing:
Loyal friends

Current outfit: Slouchy H&M sweater, polka dot H&M blouse, khakis from Anthropologie, H&M ballet flats (H&M should be paying ME to wear their clothes!)

Current excitement: Four-course Italian dinner with friends tonight!

Current mood:
A tad frazzled

Current link: Click here (please give me money)

1 comment :

Marcia said...

H&M will be opening in SB soon where Barnes and Noble used to be.