Monday, November 12, 2012



I went to see Gwar in concert on Saturday night. It was mostly an excuse to dress like a sexy/cool punky girl. Gwar was ... an experience. I moshed for approximately 20 seconds and then went to the back because dudes were being a little too pushy (but I guess that's the point of moshing). Josh is an old pro, and moshed the whole time, getting fake blood on him. 

In case you don't know, this is Gwar:

YOLO, amiright?


Marisa Chaples said...

Haha I saw Gwar years ago with an old boyfriend and his friends. It was insane. Fake blood and puke, a Paris Hilton doll that they cut open. Makes for a very memorable experience!

You should rock that punk/rocker look more often, it looks good on you. ;)

genevieve said...

You are brave! I give you credit for this one. Love your sexy/cool punk look. xo

Josh said...

Josh Oakley, professional moshist