Friday, February 15, 2013

Current Status: February

Current book: Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman
Current music: This song has finally grown on me
Current guilty pleasure: Wanting babies... Don't worry, I'm not getting pregnant anytime soon. They're just so cute! I think it's my hormones.
Current drink: Iced Americano
Current food: Zucchini bread
Current color: Bubblegum pink
Current favorite show: "Workaholics"... It's bro-y but I die laughing when I watch it
Current wish list: This dress, these undies, these shoes  
Current need: Pay my bills
Current triumphs: Moving forward towards newness ... Sorry to be vague, but I'll explain when the time is right
Current bane of my existence: Too much vino last night...
Current celebrity crush: Did you see Patrick Wilson on "Girls" last week? He is very handsome and that's all I will say about that
Current indulgence: I'll be having a Treat Yo'self day on Monday so there will all types of indulgence coming up
Current blessing: Three day weekend!
Current outfit: Gold hoop earrings, Paige jeans, old boots, flannel button-down
Current excitement: My birfday is coming up
Current mood: Pleased as punch
Current link: One of my favorite Sesame Street skits

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