Monday, April 15, 2013

Current Status: April 2013

Current book: About to start My Life in France by Julia Child
Current music: Kaleidoscope Vision's mixes have been fun
Current guilty pleasure: Clips from last night's MTV Movie Awards (Rebel Wilson, y'all!)
Current drink: Dry Riesling
Current food: Steak tartare from Walrus and the Carpenter
Current favorite show: Game of Thrones! Is Jaime falling in love with Brienne?
Current wish list: This pajama set, this scent, this wooly throw
Current needs: A trip to the grocery store
Current triumphs: A lovely succulent-themed illustration
Current bane of my existence: I can't think of anything!
Current celebrity crush: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!
Current indulgence: I made carrot cookies yesterday and put cream cheese frosting on them... yah.
Current blessing: Re-focusing my life
Current slang: "Luzzzury"
Current outfit: Just stuff that a semi-unemployed person would wear
Current excitement: Going to RN74 tomorrow night with Leslie
Current mood: Even-tempered
Current link: This looks easy and tasty

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