Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life Changes Are So Scary

But necessary. Especially if you want to live an interesting life. So a few weeks ago, Josh found out that he got into the design school he kept saying he would never get into. Typical. It's in the Netherlands, so that means...


For one year.

So effing crazy. 

Then, we talked about it, and decided it would make more financial sense for the two of us to move to New York, where he'll be doing a program this summer, and then from there, go to the Netherlands, so that means...


In one month.

So so so so crazy.

But exciting.

But also REALLY sad. Because we'll be leaving our friends, and our beloved pup and cat behind. My heart is especially breaking over Slugs. Her situation will be really ideal -- she's going to live on a farm in British Columbia with a wonderful couple who take in small, special-needs dogs -- and we have the option of taking her back when we're done with our year of travel, but still. She is my baby, my sweet, silly baby dog. It will be really hard. Lots of tears.

BUT --

Let's not dwell on the sad stuff, shall we? A few of my lifelong dreams/goals are coming true. I'll be living in magical New York City for a good little run. I can't wait to feel like a New Yorker... That will be a pretend feeling because I'll only be there for three months. And THEN I get to live abroad for a year! What?! We'll be in the Hague, which is 45 minutes from Amsterdam. It's an interesting-sounding place, and I can't wait to explore. We've already begun learning Dutch (thanks, Rosetta Stone!).

So that's the end of my life update. Please, readers, pass along any advice on these two locations that you might have. And send positive vibes as we pack up our life for the time being and hit the road!


Marisa said...

Wow! That IS exciting! Where will you be living in New York?

Anna said...

that's so amazingly wonderful. good luck with everything.i hope you have a grand time!

W said...

Sounds like an awesome opportunity. I'm glad you found a good situation for your pets. Good luck!