Monday, April 1, 2013

Waikiki ReCap

Back from Hawaii, and although I'm happy to see my bf and kid-pets, I wish I could have stayed longer.

The wedding was wonderful. It took place at the Hickam Officer's Club on the Air Force base. All the bridesmaids wore coral-colored dresses. What made this occasion unique is that the groom, Max, is French! So his French brothers (seen above, dancing), parents, and two best men were there. Despite cultural differences, we all partied down, laughed, cried, and celebrated Laura and Max's love. It was also a super-small wedding -- less than 30 in attendance. 

Other than wedding festivities, I hung out with Stacey and Alex mostly, since Josh wasn't able to come on the trip. They were so kind to let me be their third wheel. We ate food, drank drinks, sun bathed, and were silly-silly.

Most importantly, here are the places I ate:

La Mariana Sailing Club - This is where the rehearsal dinner was. It was AWESOME. It's an old tiki bar from the 50s, in a completely random location. The food was delicious and we were serenaded by a blind man on keyboard, who took requests. Laura's old nanny family was in attendance; one of the boys was named Jude, and so we all sang "Hey Jude" along with the piano man. He loved it. It totally reminded me of the singing scene in My Best Friend's Wedding.

Doraku Sushi - This was probably my favorite place we ate. I had the Tuna Tataki: Julienne Daikon radish and sweet onions with seasoned Wakame, Kaiware, Ponzu sauce, crispy garlic chips, and garlic aioli. And the Yellowtail scallion roll. And a Kirin Light.

Mt. Ka'ala Coffee - This is where I got my coffee every morning, located in my hotel's lobby. Delicious and refreshing. Obviously local.

Chibo - Authentic Japanese food... I could tell because we were the only white people there. They specialize in what is basically a Japanese pancake, although I got scallops from the grill, and probably some of the best fried rice I've ever eaten!

Hiking Hawaii Cafe - Acai bowls and breakfast pizza!

Shorebird - Right on the beach, in the ... We had $3.50 mai thais, french fries, and I got the ahi wrap. 

Rum Fire - We started out the bachelorette party here. It's in the Sheraton on Waikiki. We shared white sangria, crisps and dip (garlic and kalamata olive crisps, edamame hummus), fish tacos (chimmichurri marinade, cole slaw, maui onion sambal), flash stir fried edamame (indonesian satay sauce, sesame seeds), and green papaya salad (wok charred tamarind chicken, fresh mint, roasted peanuts, nuoc cham).

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Unknown said...

We had THE BEST time chilling wichoo girl! You can be our third wheel any time. PS: I hope that pic of Alex flexing doesn't cause too many ladies to stumble...