Monday, June 10, 2013

Cheesesteak and Hand-Torn Noodles

I arrived in New York safe and sound at 3 a.m. on Saturday. We share a Morningside / SoHa (South Harlem) apartment with another girl, but we rarely see her. Our room is smallish, but I love it. On Saturday, Josh and I walked through Morningside Park, which has a pond full of ducks and turtles, and stairs leading up to St. Luke's Hospital, Columbia University, and a huge cathedral that reminds me of France. We took the subway to the Upper West Side and walked around a whole lot, making our way to Riverside Park, where we saw an honest-to-god Shakespeare in the Park production (I think it would be considered an off-off-off Broadway production, if you know what I mean). For dinner, we had cheesesteaks from our corner store -- so unhealthily good.

I love that above detail of our place. There's a decent-sized kitchen where I'm itching to start cooking, although apparently everyone in New York eats out. Yesterday Josh and I met up with our friend Nick in East Village. We got lunch at Xi'an Famous Foods -- Oh my god, you guys: best hand-torn noodles ever. Plus pieces of pulled pork, broth, green onions, cabbage, and celery. Pardon the expression, but: Fucking awesome. I guess Anthony Bourdain loves going here. Oh, and I also got a Jasmine iced tea. So refreshing. I'll take anyone there that would like to visit. We walked around downtown, through East Village, SoHo, and West Village... Where we went to an amazing low-key gay bar called the Cubbyhole. Before even entering, a woman named Nancy started hitting on me. Flattered! She was a sweetheart. And the guy behind the bar... immediately gave us free shots. It was a beautiful welcome to the City. After that we went to Nick's house in Brooklyn for pizza slices, Italian ice, and Game of Thrones (It's Theon's dick in a box!).

My Instagram has lots of more photos, so please check that out.

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Lana said...

Sigh. Jealous already. Those noodles!