Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meatball Pizza and Chile Relleno

Note to self: Don't do a Trader Joe's run on my own when it's hot outside. 

Ok, now for a weekend recap. Went to the Guggenheim on Saturday for a little self-date. It's on the Upper East Side, across the street from Central Park. I strolled down Madison Avenue and popped into Dean & Deluca (AKA the place I want to spend every cent at) for a cold drink to take the park to wait for the museum to start it's pay-what-you-will time slot. Do I feel bad about being a cheapskate and only paying $4 to get into a prestigious art museum? No, because I am poor and I'm sure the museum has lots of wealthy benefactors. I have to say, it's was a bit of a let-down. Part of the space was closed off because they were installing a new art exhibit, so there wasn't much ground to cover. But they had some nice works by Klee, Kadinsky, Cezanne, Picasso... post-impressionist peoples like that. 

And that night we had our first delivery experience. $22 for a large meatball pizza and caesar salad! Not bad! We love pizza... like, LOVE it. So it was really nice to relax at home. We watched The Jerk. It was my first time seeing it! I adored Bernadette Peters in it. And Steve Martin was really cute. And an idiot. I laughed, but sometimes I was like, "this guy is a fucking idiot, why does she like him?" Oh well.

Sunday was LAUNDRY DAY. Guess what the name of our laundromat is -- Baby Girl's Bubbles. Not lying. And they were playing ALL the jams... Old Mariah, Rihanna, Destiny's Child... 

After that, we went to mid-town where the Ace Hotel is. Rudy's Barbershop is connected to it (which for those who don't know is a chain in Seattle). And there's also a Stumptown Coffee. Basically, hipster central. Josh got a haircut while roamed around Opening Ceremony (kill me now, everything was completely fabulous) and got a $14 cocktail at the Breslin (remember when I said I was poor? I should add that I'm poor because I choose to spend $14 on cocktails). It was a good cocktail, no doubt. 

For dinner we went to La Esquina, another tale of a financial misadventure... We were hungry, and the waitress asked if we wanted chips and salsa. We said yes. They came, and it was a jar of salsa, chips, and a huge scoop of guacamole. Oops. It was delicious, but we knew it was going to cost us. Serves us right for not looking at the menu first. It was $15 BUT we got to take the jar of salsa home. Score! And my chile relleno was fabulous -- Stuffed with quinoa, almonds, topped with a pesto... Ugh, awesome.

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