Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amy. Poehler.

A grainy picture of me and Josh before the show started

On Sunday night, Josh and I went to see Assscat, the Upright Citizens Brigade improv show. We had seen it in L.A. but this one was a little more exciting since AMY POEHLER was slated to be in the cast. She's been listed in every cast for the past month, but I couldn't believe she'd actually do all of those shows; she's a celebrity!

So I went into the situation trying not to get my hopes up. Since she is kind of my hero. But then, there she appeared, in all her humble glory. I was ecstatic. She just gives off this warmth, this down-to-earthness... you just know she's a solid individual. Amy was one of the co-founders of UCB -- 17 years ago -- so that added to my fangirl excitement. We were sitting on the stage, and at one point she was standing so close to me that if I had reached out, I could have touched her elbow. But I didn't because she would have not liked that.

Another performer in that night's cast was Zach Woods, who most famously played the creepy Gabe on The Office. He was really awesome. I kind of freaked out when he came on stage. He saw me make a hullabaloo and give me a weird look. Ain't no thing.

Last item: Rich Sommer was in the audience. I had to look up his name, but I immediately recognized his face. He's an actor on Mad Men, and I recently watched an SVU episode in which he played the husband of a nympho Chloe Sevigny.

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Marisa said...

I probably would have been hyperventilating the entire time. SO COOL!