Monday, July 15, 2013

Current Status: July 2013

Current books: Small Island, by Andrea Levy
Current music: Nothing substantial
Current guilty pleasure: Really fancy coffee at my employer's house
Current color: Pink
Current drink: Italian white wine
Current food: Bagels
Current favorite show: "Orange is the New Black"
Current wish list: This dress, this bag, this sweatshirt
Current needs: A new wallet
Current triumphs: Will be featured in Moorea's upcoming store!
Current bane of my existence: Oily city skin
Current celebrity crush: Supahman
Current indulgence: Naps
Current blessing: A really great fiance
Current outfit: A Hello Kitty shirt and and pink workout shorts
Current excitement: Seeing Assscat next Sunday... Hoping Amy Poehler will be there!
Current mood: Hungry... is that a mood?
Current link: I like her hair

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