Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minnie and Bree

Minnie and Bree live in a pet store near the home of Sophie, the little girl I nanny in the afternoons. We have to go in every day and visit them because Sophie loves them so much. And, let's face it, I do too. They are very affectionate and friendly kitties, perfect for a three-year-old to interact with. Bree, the chubby calico, let's Sophie use her as a pillow. Sophie calls her "Breedy" which I think is super funny. Minnie, the grey calico, recently had an accident in the store, resulting in three broken bones in her leg, hence the cast. She's quite resilient though. And she gives us kisses.

The photos of me lovin' on the cats were taken by Josh, who I dragged to the store this weekend. I just had to introduce him to my feline friends.

Ok, cat lady over and out.

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Jennifer Anderson said...

I love it.
The kitties are wonderful and you look super amazing in that hat!