Thursday, August 8, 2013

Patsy's Pizzeria

The impending deadline to our summer stay in New York is creeping up. About three weeks to be exact. There are things on my list I haven't done yet, and in classic Allie fashion, I'm getting stressed about it. I want experiences to be perfect and memorable and classic. For example, when it comes to going out to eat, I get really depressed if the place I go isn't wonderful. That's why I make lists from magazines and websites where I read about the "best" restaurants, the "newest," the "coolest," bla bla bla. Is anyone else like this? Do you freak out if you haven't heard anything good about a certain eatery? 

All this is to say that last night, I wanted to go to a classic New York pizza joint. Josh, being the most gracious and kind fiance that he is, complied. I found a place via TimeOut New York's best pizza list that was a "short" bus ride away (quotations around short because busses take FOREVER here; they stop on, like, every block). 

Patsy's Pizzeria opened in 1933, so, do-the-math, they've been open for 80 years! A lot of old Yankees and Rat Pack guys loved going there. And according to their website, Francis Ford Coppola used it as inspiration for the ambiance of The Godfather. Not really sure if this is true, but I was thinking of the restaurant murder scene while I was waiting for my pizza.... They also claim to have originated the idea of selling pizza by-the-slice. For $12 a pie, I'll believe anything. It was just perfect. Josh described the sauce as "bright." We two lovebirds love our pizza. I wonder if they have pizza in the Netherlands...

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Marcia said...

YUM! That pizza looks heavenly!