Monday, August 26, 2013


Less than one week left in New York! Josh and I fly out on Sunday, and we are really excited. For a new city, a new start, a new chapter... Oh, I am just giddy. I think the Hague is going to be a really great fit for us.

Speaking of flying, I've been thinking about ways to make a transatlantic flight as eezy-peezy as ever and here are a few things I came up with

Flight Essentials

1. Hand sanitizer... Because airplanes are grimy.

2. A good book... I just ordered The Purity Myth and am PUMPED to dive into it. I've even roped in my close friends (all of whom come from the same background as me) to do a book club.

3. Neck pillow... Our flight will bump us up in time, and we'll land in Amsterdam in the morning, so we definitely want to ZZZZ.

4. Airborne... You can never be too careful.

5. ZzzQuil... A little help never hurt.

6. Really want to get one of these eye masks... They don't actually touch your eye socket which I find annoying about regular sleep masks.

I also want to pack some healthy snacks for the two of us. You never know with airplane food.

Do you have any pleasant flight recommendations, reader?


Lana said...

moisturiser! my skin always gets so dry when I fly, even during short 1 hour flights. oh and I love using flights as an excuse to buy some trashy magazines... ones that I don't mind leaving behind on the plane.
Bon Voyage!

jessica susan said...

DUDE: The Purity Myth is amazing!! I think you'll really enjoy it! Can I book-club too??