Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Populaire (2012) is a super fun movie to watch in bed when your boyfriend falls asleep early on the couch. I'm in love with Romain Duris as it is, so I was happy to find this was available on Instant Netflix. The craziest thing about this film is how well the filmmaker did with paying homage to classic 1950s movies. The music, the style, the actors (although there is one boob-shot) – everything comes together in a perfect retro dreamscape.

Déborah François plays Rose Pamphyle and looks like an amazing mixture of Audrey Hepburn and Sandra Dee while doing so. I love that the movie has old-fashion qualities to it, but the overall plot is more modern – an empowered young woman doesn't need a man to succeed (although of course she gets the guy in the end). 

Rose is a sassy daydreamer who wants get out of her small hometown. Too bad she's such a klutz... Most attractive girls are, right?

Her curmudgeonly-yet-handsome boss Louis Echard sees potential in a weird place: Her typing skills! He decides to make her his protege and enter her in speed-typing competitions.

She moves into his house, although they arrive or leave separately so as to keep the neighbors from talking.

Living with a woman sure is bonkers! Bras everywhere!

I'm pretty sure I practiced this pose when I was younger. It's a classic.

Rose pretends to be Louis' fiance at his family's Christmas party. It's a hit!

The national speed-typing competition in Paris means that Rose gets to go shopping and stir things up with her boss/trainer.

All that tension mounting between them had boil over at some point!

As usual, the guy messes things up.

No need to worry; Rose has become a typing sensation!

But she still thinks about her lost-love Louis.

The international championships! France vs. USA!

Well look who came to cheer her on. Like she needed it!

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w said...

Funny, I just watched this on instant Netflix this weekend and did caps from it too! Some of mine are exactly the same haha. Nice to read your thoughts on it.