Monday, October 7, 2013

What's New

It's Monday morning, and we are fully at-home in our new place. I think I'll make this more of a photo-driven update, since I've taken a lot recently...

We live on a street called Pieter Spastraat. There's a neighborhood bar called "The Little Lake" around the corner... It seems to be a very local place, no bells-and-whistles, just older people drinking beer, watching soccer, smoking. Maybe we'll go. There's a small canal behind our house, with ducks and such.

Funny things: We don't have an oven. Lots of homes here don't! Can you believe it? LUCKILY our microwave is also a convection oven... So basically we can do very small batches of baked or grilled things. Better than nothing! No outlets in the bathroom. I guess I'll blow-dry my hair somewhere else... Josh shaved over the kitchen sink the other day. The washer is a mystery to me. I don't know how to make it stop. It will run forever if I don't start pressing random buttons! So obnoxious. But we have a dryer, which our old place didn't have... Air-dried towels are NOT awesome.

I have been cat-crazy lately, but really, what's new? We have a neighborhood cat that lives right by us named Mickey. Everyone loves him. He's either a Manx or lost his tail somehow. Instead of the swishy motion that cats' tails usually make, his just wags back and forth like a doggy. He's very affectionate. And I'm inspired this Tumblr to try to take photos of every cat I see. Hopefully that won't be annoying.

Yesterday I went to the city's animal shelter, which was having a day open to the public. Lots of lovely horses. Their noses are so soft! In another life, I would have liked to work with horses. Anyway, I signed up to volunteer with the shelter's dogs and cats. And I'll look into possibly fostering as well. 

Tomorrow Josh is leaving for Amsterdam for six days to work with his classmates at the ATYPI conference, a really big type media shindig. He'll be staying on a houseboat hostel! It will be weird to be apart for that long; I'm nervous. But I'm planning on going to Amsterdam for a day with Nadine to explore and then meet up with everyone. 

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