Friday, November 15, 2013

Current Status: November 2013

Current books: Trying to finish up this one. It's not as good as I thought it was going to be.
Current music: Blood Orange. Am I late to this bandwagon?
Current guilty pleasure: Candy Crush. So addicted!
Current color: Golden yellow
Current drink: Coffee from our new French press. I accidentally ruined our Bialetti...
Current food: Making Pasta all'Amatriciana tonight, one of my favorite pasta dishes
Current favorite show: Well, I just finished Call the Midwife, which is on Instant Netflix and I am very much looking forward to its return at the end of the year
Current wish list: This quilt, this dress, these pajamas
Current needs: More watercolor paper
Current triumphs: I bought !
Current bane of my existence: Laziness, lack of motivation, procrastination
Current celebrity crush: Jessica Lange (THE SUPREME)
Current indulgence: Afternoon bike rides to nowhere in particular (although yesterday I got caught in a rain storm)
Current blessing: Living in a lovely home and lovely neighborhood
Current outfit: A few gorgeous pieces from my Unemployed Loser collection (jk jk jk)
Current excitement: I'm such a dorky fangirl, and am very excited for Lady Gaga on SNL this week
Current mood: Anxious
Current link: This, 24/7


JessMarie said...

I love Call of the Midwife! I am glad to hear it is coming back, I had assumed it was cancelled. Not because it was a bad show but because it was free instant on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

blood orange. YES