Monday, November 4, 2013

Different Role, New Attitude

I guess the biggest news of the week to share is that I chopped off my hair! I'm still getting used to it – I've never had it this short before – and sometimes I hate it (like when it looks like I have a bowl cut... not cute). But I generally like it. I've always wanted to try this style out. I think new hairstyles give an individual a chance to play a different role, or at least try on a new attitude. If I had the money, I'd by all new clothes: French gamine Jean Seberg-esque sorts of pieces... More striped tops, cigarette pants, loafers, peter pan collared blouses...

I think Josh had a good birthday. He tells me he did. It was fairly low-key since he was at school for most of the day. I made these brownies. They're supposed to be red velvet, but no matter how much red dye I put in, it wouldn't take. I think I added too much cocoa powder. You see, there are no baking measurement utensils in my current kitchen... So guesstimation is the name of the game. Surprisingly they came out quite edible. The frosting is white chocolate! I surprised Josh at school during his lunch break with these babies.

We had Thai food for dinner. Pad thai and curry are our favorite dishes back home when we do takeout, so I was going for a nod to that comfort. Have you ever made pad thai from scratch? It's actually pretty easy, once you have the right ingredients, although this recipe could have used more spice. I found an Asian market in the city center, which helped me track down some of the ingredients. 

Other foods of the week:

This kale salad (slightly deconstructed in the above pic). I ate so much kale because it was just amazingly delicious. Roasted butternut squash is freaking awesome, by the way.

Marcella Hazan's recipe for tomato sauce. I slurped this down while watching the new NBC show Dracula. Don't roll your eyes at me!!!

This little canal is right behind our house.

Embracing the days here that aren't stormy. Which are few. Sometimes it's a mere hour or two of the day when the rain stops and the sun comes out. Then it's back to crazy wind and hail. It's definitely getting chillier.

This week, I'll be going to Amsterdam to pick up my new passport (woohoo!). Nadine and I will go together and hit up a museum, and maybe thrift shop. We are both SHOPPERS which is fun and dangerous at the same time. 


Marisa said...

Love your hair! It's so cute!

W said...

very cool. gotta love a girl who is not afraid to chop off her hair.