Monday, December 16, 2013

Current Status: December 2013

Current books: About to start The Mill on the Floss
Current music: Other than the new Beyonce album?! I suppose I should be listening to some holiday music
Current guilty pleasure: Kidnapping our neighbor cat, Mickje
Current color: Dark blue
Current drink: Gluhwein, the Dutch mulled wine
Current food: Discovered how good lentils can be... I use this recipe
Current favorite show: I got back into Secret Diary of a Call Girl -- Billie Piper is just so fabulous
Current wish list: These boots, this library ladder, this ice cube cooler
Current needs: A Christmas present for Josh
Current triumphs: I'm really refining my homemaking skills, as anti-feminist as that sounds
Current bane of my existence: Let's just say I'm dreaming of milder climates
Current celebrity crush: Chris Messina
Current indulgence: Yesterday I went ice-skating; does that count as an indulgence??
Current blessing: I feel blessed that friends at home haven't forgotten me even though I'm far away :)
Current outfit: A cozy cardigan recently purchased from Zara; I call it my house coat
Current excitement: Getting more and more excited for Christmas time!
Current mood: Content
Current link: This skit from Saturday's SNL was amazingly spot-on

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