Thursday, January 23, 2014


Have you guys heard of comedian and writer Bo Burnham? I'm new to him; I think I discovered him through his amazing Vine videos.

But my love for him came into full fruition when I saw his latest comedy special "what." Holy shit, you guys. He is a genius. The whole hour of the show is jam-packed with funny and surprisingly thought-provoking content. He's a perfect mix of inane silliness and drab existentialism.

Here are a few of my favorite parts of the show:

*Foul language and obscenity throughout, just to warn you*

Hilarious and also almost makes me cry, thanks to my evangelical Christian upbringing. "I sent gays to fix overpopulation... boy, did that go well."

Oh, and you can watch the whole show here:

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Marisa said...

I saw his special on Netflix after he did a Reddit AMA. Soooo hilarious! I love how he starts out, you just have no idea what to expect and it ends up being great comedy delivered in a unique way.