Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Galentine's Day Ideas

Galentine's Day is February 13 (tomorrow)! Last year I made goodie bags for my best gal friends and we all went out to dinner. I will definitely miss that this year. Here are some things that go well in a Galentine's Day goodie bag:

Galentine's Day

1. A card, expressing your love... Homemade is ideal, but I also love vintage ones.

2. A scented candle... I like the Aquiesse brand. Lots of scents to choose from.

3. Something boozy... Last year I got a bunch of little liquor bottles from the liquor store, but Sofias are so much fun too.

4. Lip gloss! What girl doesn't need a little lip gloss? Last year I found a pack of Stila Lip Glazes on sale at Sephora. It was perfect!

5. Chocolate... Maybe cliche, but not if it's an interesting flavor, like pink pepper. Chocolat Dolfin has that and others.

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