Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Self

Meditando – Eliseu d’Angelo Visconti

Mantra for the week: “It can be hard to see that I have been wrong, Be told to sing a different song. I can get angry and go into victim, or open my heart-mind and learn a new lesson.” 

“Surrender when life brings you something or takes something away and when you’re blocked…it’s time for you to listen, it’s time for you to reflect, it’s time for you to be in your soul, in your self…. you have been taken out of the picture, out of a relationship, out of a job, out of the country, out of a house…ultimately releasing and opening.”

“There’s a lesson in every experience, there’s something to be gained, some awareness to be expanded upon, something unconscious to be brought into the consciousness. Pain is our great teacher and if we can get our little self out of the way…and really see that Spirit is behind us, nurturing us, serving us, saving us, in the long run…”

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