Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Current Status: April 2014

Current books: Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding
Current music: Banks makes some sexy-ass music
Current guilty pleasure: Stinky Camembert cheese
Current color: Anything pastel
Current drink: White wine spritzers (because I'm turning into my mother)
Current food: Salmon
Current favorite show: Game of Thrones is back, homies!
Current wish list: This top, this coat, these shoes
Current needs: Raw honey
Current triumphs: Gittin' money (diva's gittin' money)
Current bane of my existence: No good Mexican food in this dang city
Current celebrity crush: Paul Rudd (who I would have sex with)
Current indulgence: Sour gummies
Current blessing: Paris trip on the horizon
Current outfit: Zara sweater and leggings
Current excitement: Working on a personal project that probably won't make me any money, but it's something I've always wanted to do
Current mood: Inspired
Current catchphrase: "In the name of Aslan..." (Josh and I have been watching the BBC Chronicles of Narnia movies)
Current link: This makes me laugh so hard

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