Monday, April 25, 2011

Current April Status

Current guilty pleasure: Vegan chocolate chip cookies from Flying Apron Bakery

Current color: Cherry red

Current playlist: "Barton Hollow" album by The Civil Wars

Current read: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Current drink: Drip coffee

Current food: Bagel and cream cheese

Current favorite show: "VAMP DIAR" (abbrevs rule!)

Current wish list: A bikini that hides all the fat parts of my body (possible?)

Current needs: I need to stop eating things like macaroni and cheese and brownies and red wine for dinner :)

Current triumphs: I opened an Etsy shop!

Current bane of my existence: Rain rain rain

Current celebrity crush: Charlie Cox. He's adorbs.

Current indulgence: Bubble baths and Ella Fitzgerald

Current blessing: New life

Current outfit: Navy cardigan from J. Crew, polka dot blouse from H&M, gray cargo skinny pants from Nordstrom, black flats from Nordstrom, and amethyst ring by Moorea Seal!

Current excitement: Just made tentative summer vacation plans... It's somewhere warm and tropical!!!

Current mood: Subdued/unhappy

Current link: Tina Fey answers the Proust Questionnaire

1 comment :

Lana said...

I need a bikini like that too! Mac&cheese, brownies and red wine sounds like the PERFECT dinner to me :) And, somewhere tropical?! I want to go somewhere with a beach. AND SUN.