Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love Your Blog!

My New Roots' tag-line is "how to make healthy choices every day." That is certainly something I can use a lesson in, nutrition-wise. The blog is run by Sarah Britton, a holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef in Copenhagen, Denmark (my goodness, I would just love to go visit her!). I'm so intrigued by the different health lessons she presents, along with gorgeous photography. Anything that inspires me to eat healthier, I will get behind 100 percent. Sidenote: I REALLY hope she makes more videos. Love that quinoa one.


AJ said...

wow, i loved that video! so simple yet direct. and her photography is gorgeous!

Our Youth said...


Sarah B said...

Hey Allie!

You have an awesome site. Thanks for including My New Roots :D

Hooray for everything!
Sarah B