Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pop and Lock

Last night, Maddie and Korinne and I TRIED to go to a hip-hop dance class at Exit Space School of Dance, but there was major discrepancy in the type of class we were allowed to drop into... Long story short, we couldn't take the class and it was lame. And I'm kind of bitter.

But we're flexible girls, so instead we went on a twilight walk around Green Lake, had heart-to-hearts, and on the way back to the car, we spied on the dancers in the dance class. They were really good. I was so jealous. I just stood there, salivating, wishing I was as cool as them. I can't wait for the next opportunity to go. Plus, they were all wearing rad high-tops. So guess what I just added to my wish list :)

Other highlight of the night was getting fro-yo from a place called Zoe Yogurt. It was magical. I've never experienced fro-yo like that before. It's self-serve, you can try samples, and then they weigh it at the end to determine how much you owe!!! Life-changer.


Korinne said...

YESS, such a good night. have you been to "The Sneakery" in Ballard...? I've only heard of it but I wonder if they have high tops for us. We need to check it out. Then we'll be one step closer to becoming Chris Brown's back up dancers. Or something to that extent.

sammyjoswims said...

Zoey yogurt is right near my house, i have been meaning to try it out! I bet you'd be a fab hip hop dancer, allie!