Monday, May 23, 2011

Cinematic Daydreams

Another video post, you say? Yes, although this one is more of an auditory treat than anything. "To Build a Home/That Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra, feat. Patrick Watson. AKA the most perfect dramatic movie trailer music. Case in point, Another Earth, in which it is featured. I soooo want to see it (maybe it's just the song, I don't know). But I'm not sure it will be released in Seattle. It looks so heartbreaking and INTERESTING. I sang it in my head this weekend as I stumbled along a very Northwesty path solo to the beach at Ocean Shores. And maaaybe I pretended I was in a dramatic movie... Who cares how I occupy my mind when I'm alone?

The beach was so different from my California beaches... the tide was out so far, and the seafoam was brown. And there were sand dollars everywhere, and I really wanted to take one, but most of them were still occupied by creatures. So I took a piece of bark inside (roll your eyes, please). And people were clamming. I actually had no idea what they were doing, so I had to ask a mom and her daughter. I felt really curious and outgoing (five points for the self-proclaimed introvert... eh, I took the Meyers Briggs last week, and apparently I'm an extrovert now...)

Yes, so, wonderful weekend at Ocean Shores on the WA coast, specifically Seabrook, which is a new "town" (I don't think it's an actual town yet). It's just a bunch of new super-nice beach houses all scrunched together, and everyone rides free bicycles around, and there's a little pub and a store that sells "sundries." Yes, sundries. It's basically Pleasantville; super weird, but riding beach cruisers around the 'hood was really enjoyable.

Mostly, I just laid in bed with Leslie and Danielle though. We shared a King. Sized bed. And there was a hot tub.
And we grilled salmon. And created a lot of inside jokes that I won't bore you with.


Maryann said...

wow, that movie looks super good! Also, your weekend sounded incredible. :)

Lana said...

I love that song so much, goosebumps everytime I hear it! It's used on this ad lovely!