Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Leslie!

I met Leslie my freshman year of college. Back then, she was a raven-haired skater girl. Now she is a raven-haired power player in the professional world. But when she's not wearing the hell out of a lady suit, she's singing karaoke or sipping fine whiskey or baking crazy things like champagne cake. I love this friend of mine. She has the best laugh, calls me Shmal, is nearly always down for shopping, eating fancy, getting pedicures, and singing loudly in her car. She's an ultimate friend.

Ok, here's a treat for you: It's me and Leslie singing "Poker Face" at our friends' wedding last summer. You can't actually see us, but that doesn't matter. Leslie KILLS IT. Just ignore my voice.

(for some reason the vid isn't working on my blog, so try clicking the Facebook icon and watching it there)


wildchild said...

aw it says video unavailable. but she has some killer hair!

Moorea Seal said...

sad day. i wants to wartch it!

and haaaaaaaaappy birthday leslie. you are witty beyond what my mind can comprehend. you are rad. you are fun. you are smart. you are talented. you are neato.

allie. you can pass that message along to her. :)

xo moorea

Madeline... said...

Come on Al. Get our hopes up and all.

Allie said...

If you click on the link instead of the arrow it will take you to FAcebook and you should be able to watch it there. Sorry! I don't know what the issue is