Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Interview!

{My grandma and mom in Santa Barbara}

This Sunday is Mother's Day, so I thought I'd do a little mini-interview with my own mom to see what she has to say about mothers...

What do you want for Mother's Day?
Wellllllll, let's seeeeeee....I always like food, and Max will be taking me out to breakfast for Mother's Day. Flowers are awesome. Not the contrived over-priced hot house kind. Just some cute ones ... like sunflowers, or tulips, or ranunculus. Something for my little patio would be nice, like a potted plant or a citronella candle.

{Mom's potted plants}

What's the best thing about being a mom?
Unconditional love both ways.

Funniest memory of me and Max?
Whenever you two would play dress up or cross-dress or perform a show or play... always cute and funny (Max in a pink dress; Max in a tree skirt; the time you, Max, Tita, and Steve each crossed-dressed)... Hands down the funniest is probably when you were almost three years old and you got that little plastic doll that came with a bathtub and we asked you what her name was and you looked at Grandma and Grandpa's piano and said "Pinano Hor!"

{Max, Mom, and me in a photo booth}

How would you describe your "mothering techniques"?
I guess it's a mixed bag. Some bribery, some threats. (remember, I'd give Santa a call sometimes?) I wish I was more consistent. Oh, well.

What advice would you give to other mothers (and future mothers) out there?
Don't feel like you have to buy so much STUFF. I wish I hadn't bought you guys so many toys and clothes, etc. Also, slow down and appreciate blessings and notice things. They really do grow up fast.

What's the best gift you've been given by me and Max?
Anything handmade was great. Drawings I always loved. I still have a little terra cotta pot that Max made me in first grade. It's painted and around the rim it says "Mom you're the best. Love, Max."


Thanks for answering those questions, Mom! You're so wise. Mwahahaha.

Have you gotten your mother a gift yet? Here are a few ideas:

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Lana said...

Phone call with Santa is brilliant! My child-minder used to have a pigeon who would tell Santa if we had been good or bold! Mother's Day was in April here, I always think I've forgotten it when I see gift guides etc popping up on US sites around this time!