Friday, May 13, 2011

We So Excited

Whew! What a day. Still reeling from last night's "Parks & Rec." Happy that Blogger is back in action. Had a delicious Italian sandwich and iced chai latte from Macrina for lunch. Thankful for the few moments of sunshine. About to go see Dan Savage and Terry Miller speak at Third Place Books (they're like Seattle celebrities!). I need to work on a commissioned art piece this weekend, but will smatter viewings of "Doctor Who" and "The IT Crowd" in there, not to worry. Also am in possession of Morning Glory; I love Rachel McAdams. Haven't seen my friend Maddie in so long. Breakfast with her tomorrow morn. And Sunday night: BRIDESMAIDS. So very excited.

Of Note:

A new Miranda July film

Peonies in Paris, what a dream

So in love with this print

If only this were a real thing...

Talk about a party dress!

Inspiring studio space

"Jocund" in photo form


rach. said...

what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance could you check out my blog? i would love to see what your opinions are!

follow me?

Lana said...

Bridesmaids doesn't come out here until the end of June! Not fair. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!