Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Tony's

So much to say. I've never seen "Company," but a lot of the songs are amazingly classic. "Being Alive" (beaauuutiful and sad), "The Ladies Who Lunch" (sung by Jack Donaghy's mother), "Marry Me a Little" (*bursts into tears*)... And would you look at the stars in this revival?! NPH, Colbert, Martha Plimpton, Kate Finneran (saw her in "Promises, Promises"), Christina Hendricks, Patti LuPone!

The sole reason I'd see "Catch Me If You Can: The Musical" is: NORBERT LEO BUTZ. Amazeballs. Broadway god. Watch him in this (be still, my beating eggs). I don't give a care about that nasally singer at the beginning. It's all about Norbert.

Daniel Radcliffe! Look at you! You're great on stage (with your clothes on)! "How To Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying)" would be so so so fun to see. Another classic. And it's like a musical version of "Mad Men," so....

Ugghhh. How lovely it would be to live in New York and have access to fabulous musical theater.... What a treat.


Maryann said...

SO MUCH TO SAY. First of all, last Sunday I saw the recording of the revival of Company at the Metro Cinemas--it was incredible. I hope it's released on DVD because I want to own it.

Second, have you seen/heard The Last Five Years? Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz in a Jason Robert Brown musical. I was obsessed for months about it.

Finally, thank you for posting these--I didn't catch the Tony's this year!

Moorea Seal said...

ok wow, I loved all of this. I loved steven colbert and whats her name, his partner in that clip. shoot, whats her name, i love her.

and daniel radcliff, I love you even MOOORE after watching this!!!!
He reminds me of Elijah wood.
xo Moorea