Friday, June 24, 2011


Happy weekend, errbody! Tonight I'm wine-tasting with Britta, and on Sunday I'll be dancing my a$$ off for 826 Seattle. You can still donate money to my team! It's not too late! Alright, lovies, get out of town, get down, get it started. Bye!

Of Note:

Really digging this song and video

Christian Louboutin's fall lookbook makes my art history-loving heart skip a beat!

Wish I could have gone to Stella McCartney's garden party

This cake
is so gorgeous

An awesome summer photo project

Which pair would you wear?

I'd like to try this hairstyle


Diana said...

Awesome you're supporting 826!

Rachell Taylor said...

Happy to see you're another Seattle blogger! I love being able to talk about local stuff.