Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade Hummus

Yesterday I had a strong desire to make hummus. So I did. I learned that tahini is hard to find in a grocery store (hint: look in the peanut-butter isle) and kind of expensive, thus I was aggravated that I only needed two tablespoons of it. Maybe I'll make Goddess dressing, or something...

I used this recipe, and I have to say that I will probably not use it again, as it didn't give me the creamy consistency that I desired, and I could have used more garlic. Just sayin. But other than those issues, it turned out very well!
(Oh and I also didn't do any orange and lemon zest as it was a garnish and I think garnishes are dumb when it's just me around).


renewyorkairs said...

You should ask Sarah for her mom's hummus recipe. it is DELICIOUS.

clementimes said...

You know what can help hummus get that awesome creaminess? Warm water. Add a few tblsp's at a time. It makes all the difference. Some people also use baking soda.

aneisa said...

i have a really great hummus recipe from my sito (grandma) from the old country (Lebanon) if you ever feel like making it again :)

dev said...

Allie! I never comment on blogs, but I thought that I could help you use up all that expensive tahini with a couple recipes that I LOVE.
Heidi always knows how to use up those slightly obscure ingredients.
I have not made these yet, but I plan to this weekend. Sounds so delicious though, right?
Also, I always use Mark Bittman's hummus recipe and have never been disappointed.