Thursday, June 9, 2011

La vie est belle

Sometimes after a very blah day, you have to treat yourself to a nice meal and nicer company. Here's what went down on Tuesday:

Dinner at Bastille
La Biciclette cocktail ... gin, sweet vermouth, St. Germain, peach bitters
Salade Verte ... Mixed greens with zinfandel vinaigrette and chives
One glass of Le Clos des Lumières Rosé
Steak frites au Roquefort ... Grilled flat iron steak, red wine poached shallots, and Roquefort butter, served with pommes frites
Digistif ... Glass of Amaro Nonino (seen above; tastes like orange blossom), plus a sample of green chartreuse (also seen above), because I chatted up the bartender :) tastes like very very alcoholic herbal tea. Simply amazing.
Butterscotch creme brulee.

The Company
Stacey ... Always up for a good meal. That's why I love her.
Maddie ... The most attractive friend I have. A man has to be an idiot not to fall in love with her.
Michael ... My old friend from Santa Barbara who I went to junior high and high school with, up to see his sister's graduation.


Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

hi there.

sounds like a pretty fab way to end a blah day!

Madeline... said...

"Shout outs and dedications" is right. My goodness! glad I called last minute and got to partake in this wonderful company...and meal! ;) Let's figure out where we can get a cheaper bottle of that Chartreuse...and maybe water it down.

Lana said...

chartreuse is lethal! Always reminds me of my favourite book, Brideshead Revisited. 'Real Green Chartreuse, made before the expulsion of the monks. There are five distinct tastes as it trickles over the tongue. It is like swallowing a spectrum.'

a day with kate said...

YUM. I could definitely go for some frites right now. definitely.