Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Christmas List

Christmas List

Glitzen arrowhead drops, anthropologie.com
Kismet knit turban, anthropologie.com
Savon de Marseille soap, anthropologie.com
Honey tobacco apothecary candle, shopterrain.com
Glass wood honey pot, westelm.com
Grace: A Memoiramazon.com
Soy candle in fig and vanilla, etsy.com
Snugbear breadboard, etsy.com
Citrus print, riflepaperco.com
Just a tiny heart ring, etsy.com
Set of 2 cocktail/table napkins, etsy.com
Sad Girls print, etsy.com
Gold unicorn studs, etsy.com
Bad Girls Throughout History postcards, etsy.com
Cat temporary tattoo, etsy.com

Rats! The flask is already sold out. Maybe someone knew I wanted it...?


Moorea Seal said...

well I know what I am making you for Christmas ;)
xo Moorea

W said...

I love those bad girls post cards.