Wednesday, January 23, 2013

List the Things You Should be Proud of

1. I am a good daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend
2. I graduated from college (the first in my family)
3. I've never been addicted to drugs, arrested for unlawful activity... Does this count?? I don't know.
4. I made my dream of traveling abroad during college come true
5. I have an Etsy shop that is semi successful
6. I have sung/performed in front of large crowds (not counting the time in the 2nd grade where I chickened out singing "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" in the school talent show... but seriously, that song is lame, so NO REGRETS)
7. I got through a toxic relationship, learned to love and value myself more, and now am in a wonderful relationship
8. At 21, I acknowledged the fact that I struggle with depression and went to therapy/take antidepressants for it... WOAAAHHH I don't think I've ever admitted that on my blog before. I'm just letting it all hang out!
9. I can throw a great party
10. I am a good gift-giver
11. I am great at working with children
12. I have learned to accept help from others
13. I have an uncanny memory for pop culture facts
14. I'm a fabulous cook
15. I (try to) stand up for what's right

Thanks to Moorea, per usual.

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genevieve said...

Love this. You're one heck of a gal, Allie! xo