Monday, March 11, 2013

List the Places You Want to Go

1. All over England for some major nerding-out on English literature, history, and pop culture
2. Back to Paris because I left my heart there... Maybe even stay here, once it's reopened
3. Italy with my mom... particularly Tuscany. I'd love to take a cooking class there
4. Egypt (as long as it's not plagued by locusts when I'm there!)
5. Turkey
6. Greece
7. Costa Rica
8. Volunteer Park (one of my favorite places in Seattle)
9. Neverland! (or Kensington Gardens, at least)
10. The San Juan Islands (Josh and I want to live technology-free for a couple months, and it would be awesome to find a yurt or cabin to hole up in)
11. Santa Barbara because my family is there
12. Portland for the fooood
13. New York City because I thrive there
14. The Paramount and 5th Avenue Theatres to see musicals
15. A ceramics class
16. Morocco
17. Bali, maybe for "the honeymoon," or maybe just to chill out for a year
18. Disneyland!!! AKA my second home :)
19. More workshops at Kaleidoscope Vision
20. Chez Panisse, one of the best restaurants in the country (with my mom)
21. Animal shelters so I can love on some sweet souls
22. Vintage shops around Seattle
23. Hawaii (going at the end of this month for my friend Laura's wedding)
24. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs
25. Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon
26. Back to the Sierra Nevadas, where my family used to vacation
27. The tattoo parlour
28. Thailand with Josh for some adventure
29. Fun vacations just with my girlfriends
30. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
31. The fjords of Norway
32. The Getty Museum in LA
33. Mexico for some margaritas, relaxation, sunshine
34. An evening boat ride through the ship canal in Seattle
35. Amsterdam
36. Salzburg, Austria for the Sound of Music tour

Thanks, Moorea!

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