Friday, March 1, 2013

List the Things That Make You Feel Healthy

1. Finding a yoga practice that I adore
2. My love for kale
3. Getting my heart rate going
4. Never skipping breakfast
5. Grapefruit
6. Getting enough sleep (I've really never had an issue with this)
7. Meditating
8. Investing in my relationships; cultivating them
9. Taking me antidepressant medication!
10. Taking the time to tidy the space around me (I'm not always very good at this)
11. Taking the time to be alone (I'm an introvert at heart)
12. Creating a restful environment in my bedroom (clean sheets, candles, soft lighting)
13. Cooking for myself and others (rather than going out to eat or getting delivery too much)
14. Sunlight! Warmth!
15. Eating when I'm hungry -- and not overeating -- rather than eating to fill a void
16. Not drinking too much alcohol (finally at a point where I'm truly noticing the repercussions of going overboard with booze)
17. Taking a break from media every now and then
18. Drinking more water and less sugary beverages (I've completely cut out soda)
19. Walking/biking places rather than driving (admittedly, this is harder in the winter months)
20. Setting goals for myself
21. Staying present, but moving forward
22. Having a positive outlook on sex and my body (Goodbye, religion-driven guilt!)

Thanks, Moorea!

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W said...

I can relate to lots of these.