Tuesday, April 30, 2013

List the People You Admire

My Mom - Such a talented artist. An amazing mother. A woman who has been through a lot, but has chosen to start her life over with dignity and grace.

My little brother - I don't understand how he has suddenly become one of the wisest, most loving people I know. He's in the middle of a battle, and he's winning.

Moorea - My dear friend has built an amazing brand/business from the ground, up! Insanely talented. I'm so happy for her in all her accomplishments. 

Julia Child - Just. Absolutely. Inspiring. She found her life-calling in her 40s. It's never too late to find success! She was a pioneer in the culinary arts. 

Malala Yousafzai - A young girl who stood up to the Taliban for the right to get an education.

Kathrine Switzer - First woman to register and run in the Boston Marathon, in 1967. Got assaulted by the Marathon's director. She kept running.

Amy Poehler - Writer, comedienne, actress, activist for empowering young girls (Smart Girls at the Party!)

Beyonce - Beautiful, fierce, empowering, talented. Why WOULDN'T I admire her?

Lena Dunham - I love her voice and the way she represents young women of today. And her bodacious bod!

Grace Coddington - I love her vision and her creativity. So inspiring. 

I can't think of 'em all... Lynn Yaeger, Peggy Guggenheim, Harvey Milk, Conan O'Brien, Ruth Reichl,  Sally Field, Kristen Gillebrand, Tavi Gevensson, ALL of the amazing teachers I've ever had, Louise Bourgeois, Michelle Obama, Joni Mitchell, Shirley Temple Black, Tina Fey, Iris Apfel, Cher, Doris Day, Hillary Clinton, Coco Chanel, Carmen Miranda, Diane Keaton, Isabella Rosselini, Jenna Lyons, Katharine Hepburn...

Part of the 52 Lists Prompt by Moorea Seal

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Moorea Seal said...

You are the sweetest my friend. ANd I think it is SO AWESOME that you and your brother have reached such a treasured relationship through hard battles and accomplishments. You both have so much to be proud of and admire in each other. And you're so very lucky to have each other, it makes me so happy. Siblings are such powerful people in our lives.