Monday, April 8, 2013

List the Things That Feel Like Home

Me and my dad at Disneyland

1. Listening to the sounds coming from outside
2. Sunlight through the windows
3. Pets hanging around
4. Coziness
5. Chilling out in bed
6. Boyfriend
7. Santa Barbara
8. The creek by my family's old house
9. My old house's backyard/garden
10. Being together, but not in the same room
11. Eating takeout food at the dinner table
12. Making breakfast on the weekends
13. All of my books
14. Candles lit in the evening
15. Summer barbecues at the Power House
16. My childhood neighborhood; having adventures with my friends
17. Forest Home
18. Disneyland
19. Afternoon naps
20. Daily routines
21. California poppies, tuberoses, succulents, bougainvillea
22. Swimming pools
23. The park behind my old house 

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