Friday, May 17, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow is the big day: We're taking Slugs to the farm/sanctuary in British Columbia. She'll be there while we are abroad, and when we get back in a year, we'll retrieve her. There is no way I could be parted from her forever. So I'm trying to think of this little stint in a positive light, as if she was studying abroad in Canada for a year. She'll make new friends -- the farm has 11 other special-needs dogs, so she'll be part of the "pack." There's lots of space for her to run around in, and the owners/caretakers seem really wonderful. Oh, and deer come by, so she'll get to meet deer! Anyway, I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow of the farm and her new friends. But it will be very sad to be parted from her. She is a huge joy in my life, and in Josh's too (not really Dotty's), and so her absence will be felt tremendously. Please keep us -- especially Slugs -- in your thoughts, and send lots of love vibes to her. I'm so afraid that she'll think we're abandoning her. :'(


Maryann said...

Aw, Slugs! Love to you all of you in this transition!

Moorea Seal said...

She will have a great time like she is studying abroad. And she'll be so excited to get to be with her momma and daddy once she is back from her trip. I'm be sending her good thoughts for her trip just as much as I"ll be sending you good thoughts for your trip. <3 Love little Slugs baby so much!

xo moorea