Monday, May 6, 2013

The New York To-Do List

Josh and I found a place to stay in New York for three months. I think it's considered Morningside Heights, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it's in-between Upper West Side and Harlem, near the north end of Central Park. It's a really cute looking apartment, and I can't wait to see it in person in June. 

I've already begun a list in my head of things to do in New York, both imaginary and real:


1. Help Detective Olivia Benson solve a rape/murder case
2. Become Lena Dunham's best friend
3. Nanny Tina Fey's daughters
4. Dress like Annie Hall
5. Go to the artsiest Brooklyn parties
6. Shopping spree at Barney's
7. Become Anna Wintour's assistant
8. Play a ukulele on a fire escape
9. Sing "New York, New York, a helluva town" in a sailor suit
10. Fake an orgasm in Katz's Deli


1. Have a picnic in Central Park
2. Eat bagels
3. Visit the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Museum of Natural History
4. Eat pizza
5. Walk the Highline
6. Eat pastrami sandwiches
7. Hang out with my friends living there: Daniel, Nick, David...
8. Eat at Milk Bar
9. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
10. Catch a few shows

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to New York. It's mostly just restaurants I want to go to. That's just who I am.

Any other ideas, friends?

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Maryann said...

So excited to see/read about your time in new york. please give us a tour of the apartment once you're all moved in!!