Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Weird / Annoying Things About New York

Sure it has great food and wonderful art museums, as you've seen in my photos so far, but there are some things about New York City I've found not-so-great:

1. They don't sell wine in most grocery stores, so you have to go to specialty wine shops. This is especially sad in the case of Trader Joe's.

2. Customer service is usually pretty terrible. No friendly hellos or smiles here.

3. When opening a door with keys, you go the opposite way you usually go (turn left to open, not to lock).

4. Alcohol in general is expensive :(

5. Every restaurant / bar has sangria. I don't know what the big deal is.

6. Grocery stores are nearly always crowded. No wonder people eat out mostly!

7. Littering. People love to do it.

Also, this is a great little reference for subway riders 

1 comment :

Jess Marie said...

Hilarious subway reference. Also really annoying about NY...bed think that cute chair dumped on the street is the ultimate freebie until you realize it is infested.