Sunday, September 15, 2013

Current Status: September 2014

The apartment we will probably be living in for the rest of the year

Current books: The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti
Current music: Sara Bareilles' newest
Current guilty pleasure: I discovered mini chocolate-covered waffles at our local supermarket... And they are game-changers
Current color: Stormy lavender
Current drink: Just finished my morning coffee
Current food: I've been making these toasted sandwiches with herb-flavored cream cheese and sliced cherry tomatoes; they're my favorite, currently
Current favorite show: Revisiting Parks and Rec as well as 30 Rock; they're good background noise for when I'm painting; but mostly I miss my old friends Leslie and Liz
Current wish list: This coat, these boots, this wallet
Current needs: More freelance jobs! Anyone? Anyone?
Current triumphs: Churning out some fun artwork
Current bane of my existence: Living in a temporary space... I can't wait to move!
Current celebrity crush: Gaga
Current indulgence: Bought some Weleda face cream that I'm pretty excited about
Current blessing: Technology... Being able to talk to my family and friends even though I live on a different continent
Current outfit: You don't want to know
Current excitement: We probably got the cutest apartment ever... Seriously, I can't wait to share pictures
Current mood: Ready!
Current link: This makes me laugh so hard

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