Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring Ready to Wear 2014: Jonathan Saunders

I have to admit that I'm not as into keeping up with the collections this season as I usually am. Maybe it's because in the past I've been at a boring desk job and escaped that through creating a busyness with knowing everything there is to know about Fashion Month. Or maybe it's the fake-ish hype surrounding all of the shows that's gotten way out of hand... This picture really makes me wanna puke. Everyone is trying to be seen by a pseudo-famous style blogger, amiright? Guh, I have no idea. I'm writing to air. ALL THIS IS TO SAY THAT I'll just be doing a few posts (in comparison to my past season mania) on this season's shows. Because I feel like it.

So, we're in London now ("we're" being Fashion Month). Jonathan Saunders did lots of throwback stuff – and I love it! It's 70s with satin. It's 90s with midriff-bearing cardigans. It's David LaChapelle with the colors. And then it's super-now with the gorgeous floral motifs he's mixed and matched. 

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