Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Recipes to Try This October

Eh, granted October is already more than halfway over. Whatevs. Let me tell you, three other recipes I've made this month that were delicious:

1. Thai chicken red curry soup... Served over white rice. I've made this three times already this month. Because it's actually pretty easy! I'm not a big soup-cooker, but yeah, this has become a hit in the household – a "repeat" recipe, if you will. Josh has declared it his favorite soup, which I have latched on to because he's not what I'd call a foodie; he doesn't get a freaky glimmer in his eye the way I do when looking at Bon Appetit recipes... unless you count eating a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting being a foodie (dude has a major sweet tooth). 

I think the only critique I'd give this recipe is there aren't enough veggies. It would be easy to add chopped onion, carrots, mushrooms a la what you would find in a bowl at your favorite Thai place (sadly we do not  have a favorite Thai place here in the Hague, hence me feverishly trying to master Thai recipes in order to appease Thai cravings – see no. 10 on the list). 

2. Refreshingly simple tomato pasta (ugh whoever came up with these recipe titles is a dummy)... I think this will be a repeat-recipe as well. Because it's super easy and the ingredients are easy to get. My tweaks: Instead of Habenero pepper, I did crushed red pepper. Yummo. And no parsley. I loathe parsley. I added sauteed chicken for protein (boys gotta have their protein). And woah what a difference pasta water makes to the end product! I never really got the whole "add pasta water" step until now. I guess I thought it makes everything all watered down. But no! It makes the pasta not stick together! It makes a sauce for a sauceless pasta recipe! Now I see the light!

3. Roasted vegetable and black bean tacos... Nadine and I made this together last week while the guys were in Amsterdam. It's not the easiest to find Mexican ingredients here. But it's not impossible either. No corn tortillas unfortunately. No cotija cheese (I used crumbled goat cheese instead). The key to making these babies is the finely chopped veggies. Make 'em little. They get all roasty-toasty carmelized... The sweet potato/yam was my fave.

Ok... Here's the actual list:

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