Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Current Status: October 2013

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Current books: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Current music: Pretty much listen to this song over and over
Current guilty pleasure: Cheese. Lot's of it.
Current color: Dusty pink
Current drink: Fresh-squeezed mandarin juice (we have a juicer!)
Current food: Craving pad thai... Will attempt to make it one of these days
Current favorite show: I'm enjoying Brooklyn 9-9, I think it might be the new Parks & Rec
Current wish list: This skirt, this hat, this manicure set 
Current needs: A Halloween costume!
Current triumphs: Getting the hang of living in a foreign country
Current bane of my existence: All of the klutzy things I've been doing lately :(
Current celebrity crush: Beck Bennett, one of the new guys on SNL. Frick, dude!
Current indulgence: I consider spending lots of time cooking in the kitchen an indulgence
Current blessing: Having Josh back home... So pathetic that I missed him for only a couple days
Current outfit: Things with stretchy fabric
Current excitement: Throwing a Halloween party this weekend
Current mood: Joyful
Current link: Malala!

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